Monday, February 9, 2009

I got an A in my art class yayyy

Sunday, February 8, 2009

so last week i went to vegas
and now i'm in florida. 
i come back tomorrow though, and i'll be back for a while. 
vegas was crazy. the guys there sucked and i started to get kinda freaked out. i couldnt go anywhere in peace and i did not like that. it made me uncomfortable... not to mention i had a lot on my mind. mostly my family. i haven't been the best daughter, cousin, grand-daughter, step-daughter, sister... or friend lately. it's hard to have fun when you know you don't deserve to be and without the whole story you'd think i was crazy for saying that.. lame, weird.. whatever, but there aren't many people who would understand it. 
florida has been a good time. i nice chance for me to take it easy and rest/think. and watch dexter. my dad has showtime so i've been taking full advantage of the ondemand. i watched the L word for the first time ever and i must say i was entertained by the character alice simply because she was the girl who sang "shallow boy" on boy meets world. 

spring semester starts this week, andddd that sucks. i need to finish my schedule but once i do that i need to go out in philly and see friends. 

Sunday, January 4, 2009

new years eve was good. it was definitely better compared to last two years, but nye in chicago in 04->05 still wins. hah. still ended the night in tears, but not because I was sad (which is what really matters!) but because i was so DAMN COLD. i think it was my body's way of keeping my face warm. haha. 
the party was awesome though. at one point, the place was packed. that felt good. and the alcohol was fully stocked at all times of course. even though i only had two or three drinks and still puked. champagne does it EVERYTIME. 
some of my friends let me down though. i haven't thrown a party in years, and to not show up or make some lame excuse... kinda bummed me out. and to think, I thought of some of them as my best friends?... makes me feel like an ass. just wanted to put it out there. 
but i still had a great time. 
it is what it is. 

i start winter session tomorrow. classes mon-thurs. 4 hours each day. eeek
fall semester ended good, and soon i'll be graduating! yes!