Monday, February 9, 2009

I got an A in my art class yayyy

Sunday, February 8, 2009

so last week i went to vegas
and now i'm in florida. 
i come back tomorrow though, and i'll be back for a while. 
vegas was crazy. the guys there sucked and i started to get kinda freaked out. i couldnt go anywhere in peace and i did not like that. it made me uncomfortable... not to mention i had a lot on my mind. mostly my family. i haven't been the best daughter, cousin, grand-daughter, step-daughter, sister... or friend lately. it's hard to have fun when you know you don't deserve to be and without the whole story you'd think i was crazy for saying that.. lame, weird.. whatever, but there aren't many people who would understand it. 
florida has been a good time. i nice chance for me to take it easy and rest/think. and watch dexter. my dad has showtime so i've been taking full advantage of the ondemand. i watched the L word for the first time ever and i must say i was entertained by the character alice simply because she was the girl who sang "shallow boy" on boy meets world. 

spring semester starts this week, andddd that sucks. i need to finish my schedule but once i do that i need to go out in philly and see friends.