Sunday, December 14, 2008

school not so cool

i'm so stressed out. 
and it's alllll because of school. 

i've got so much to do, and i just don't know how i'll get it all done. 
oh, and it's all due tomorrow. 

on top of that i'm worried about what my grades are going to be like. 

i can't even believe this semester is almost over. 
it went too fast. way too fast. 
usually this is a good thing, but not when you feel like you still need more time.
there are so many things i wish i did and a few teachers i meant to meet with.. 
now it's the end of the semester and they will just think i'm an idiot if i tried to talk to them now.

i am nervous. 
someone please get shitfaced with me tomorrow night/possibly tuesday night just in case i don't finish everything and will be handing in some stuff late tuesday monring. fuck my life. gimme fun. asap. 

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